Does your dealership need to:

Boost Service Retention | Improve CSI Scores | & Increase Profits?

We’ve got you covered. WE GOT YOUR CALLS.

Our virtual Business

Development Center (BDC)

provides call management

solutions exclusively for the

automotive industry.

Allow your service advisors to do what they do best – maintain vehicles, and let us handle what we do best:

Connect with more customers, leading to improved retention and

CSI scoring

Book more appointments and increase repair orders (ROs)

Raise absorption rates and overall profitability

Nurture existing service customer relationships and create new opportunities with outbound calls


Teaming up with the best in the business of call management solutions in the automotive

industry, we are primed with the precise experience and expertise needed to overcome

the challenges your dealership encounters and deliver successful outcomes.

Our consistent, proven results speak for themselves:

*The average connectivity rate for internal BDCs and service advisors is only 76%.

Is your dealership challenged by high call volumes or poor customer

experiences (CX)?

We understand that many dealerships face an uphill battle when it comes to managing calls. If yours is

understaffed or too inexperienced to keep up with incoming calls and doesn’t have time to make impactful

outbound calls, it can lead to frustrated potential customers and lost sales opportunities.

Invest in an experienced automotive BDC that focuses on relationships –

building loyal customers.

Overseas-based call centers don’t have a good grasp on your customers' needs.

Automated AI alternatives miss the mark on delivering satisfactory CX.

We Got Your Calls takes a proactive, customer-centric approach, and our teams are made up of well-trained,

live agents in the U.S. who will become familiar with your dealership. We build relationships, and we build



Our team is made up of humans, not bots –

because customers prefer talking to live

agents. Additionally, a select number of

agents are assigned to your dealership so

they truly get to know your business and

make real connections with your customers

by providing personalized assistance.


We take pride in the fact that all of our

agents are based in the United States. This

ensures our clients receive excellent

customer service experiences without

language or cultural barriers. Additionally,

many of our agents have a background in

the automotive industry, which enables

them to provide knowledgeable and

more direct assistance to our clients.


Our agents receive comprehensive training

and ongoing education to continuously

improve their customer service skills.

Through the training program, we

emphasize the importance of beginning

with a warm greeting and ending with

sincere gratitude for the customer's

business. They also learn to anticipate and

fulfill customers' needs and articulate the

added value that justifies price differences.

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