Inbound Call Service


We understand that the first touchpoint in the customer life cycle is crucial. That's why our agents handle every inbound call with professionalism and expertise. Our highly trained team knows how to make a great first impression. From the moment the phone rings, we prioritize answering promptly and

greeting the caller warmly.

We understand that callers reach out for a variety of reasons, from scheduling a service appointment to asking about a new vehicle. Our agents are equipped to handle all types of inquiries, route calls appropriately, and provide knowledgeable and friendly assistance. We want to ensure that every caller

feels heard and valued, and we strive to exceed their expectations with every interaction.

Outbound Call Service


Your dealership can build customer advocates and create a positive brand reputation by prioritizing proactive outreach and excellent customer service through outbound calls. Implementing a comprehensive retention package that includes live OEM reminder recall alerts, stay-in-touch reminder calls,

and service maintenance reminders can lead to significant improvements in several key areas:

Customer Experience

Effective outbound calling campaigns can help build stronger customer relationships by showing that you care that their vehicles are well-maintained and safe. and service maintenance reminders can lead to significant improvements in several key areas:

Customer Retention

Reminding customers of upcoming maintenance appointments, encouraging them to come back for service, and promptly addressing any issues can improve customer retention rates.

Employee Retention

When employees feel supported and empowered to provide excellent customer service, they are more likely to stay with the dealership long-term.

Monthly ROs

By staying in touch with customers and reminding them of upcoming maintenance appointments, dealerships can increase their monthly ROs.

CSI Scoring

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores are critical to measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, and retention packages can boost CSI.


Identifying additional service needs and offering relevant promotions through outbound calls can increase your revenue per customer and enhance your bottom line.

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